To unpack, type the command tar xvfz olb-xx.tgz

Date Version – Release File Comment
2016/03/10 1.0 – 0 olb-1.0r0.tgz build-in preprocessing with image files, parallel backup of simulation states, support of non-Newtonian fluids, support of particle suspensions: Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange, new turbulence models: ADM and Shear Smagorinsky, new 2D slip boundary condition, speed-up of standard 3D models improved 30 percent, all examples updated, compatibility tested on MacOS X clang 7.0.2, Windows Cygwin g++ 4.9.2, Linux with gcc 4.4.7, 4.8.2, 4.9.1, 4.9.3, 5.3.0, clang 3.6.2 and intel 15.0.2
2015/03/11 0.9 – 0 olb-0.9r0.tgz user-friendly build-in pre-processing (geometry from stl or geometry primitives, automatic volume mesh generation and parallel setup), advanced parallelization for geometry handling as well as vtk-file output, functor concept further developed (geometrical primitives with arithmetic (+,*,-), strain rate, dissipation rate, velocity, pressure in SI units, flux, drag and lift functors, norm functors consider convergence in specific norms), new turbulence models, new parallel vtk-file output, updated and new examples, compatibility tested on Mac, Windows Cygwin, Ubuntu with gcc 4.8.2, 4.9.2 and intel 14.0.4
2013/11/21 0.8 – 0 olb-0.8r0.tgz generic functor concept, Bouzidi boundary condition, new example structure, porous media model, turbulent model, semi-automatic setting of inflow and outflow conditions (tested with gcc-4.3.4, gcc-4.6.4, gcc-4.7.3, intel-12.1.13)
2012/07/19 0.7 – 1 olb-0.7r1.tgz Bug fix: stlReader; a few corrections to ensure compiler compatibility.
2012/02/13 0.7 – 0 olb-0.7r0.tgz time/performance analysis module; console output control, including single output in parallel; rewritten unit converter; improved parameter interface, class construction from XML; CVMLCPP update (compatibility to gcc-4.6)
2011/05/11 0.6 – 0 olb-0.6r0.tgz Automated preprocessing: build-in voxelization from stl-files, setting of boundary conditions; parameter interface; STL and XML reader
2010/05/31 0.5 – 2 olb-0.5r2.tgz Bug fix: hybrid MPI-OpenMP parallelization
2008/12/15 0.5 – 1 olb-0.5r1.tgz Bug fix: function loadData is available now
2008/05/14 0.5 – 0 olb-0.5r0.tgz OpenLB multiphysics: multi-component and thermal flows
2008/03/28 0.4 – 3 olb-0.4r3.tgz Enhanced efficiency for shared-memory parallelism with OpenMP
2008/03/01 0.4 – 2 olb-0.4r2.tgz MPI parallelism bugs fixed. All example programs compile and run in parallel now.
2008/01/05 0.4 – 1 olb-0.4r1.tgz A few corrections to ensure compiler compatibility.
2008/01/01 0.4 – 0 olb-0.4r0.tgz MPI parallelism and checkpointing added.
2007/08/15 0.3 – 1 olb-0.3r1.tgz A few changes where necessary to have the OpenMP code compile on various platforms. Bug fix in the 3D periodic boundary condition.
2007/07/17 0.3 – 0 olb-0.3r0.tgz OpenMP parallelization by Mathias added.