Spring School Practical Information


The school will take place at the Hotel Alhambra Thalasso 5* at Hammamet which is 60 km from the capital Tunis in Tunisia.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hotelalhambrathalasso/

How to reach the school venue?

Transport will be organized from the international airport Tunis-Carthage. Once you have booked the flight, send a copy of your ticket to stp.lbm@gmail.com

Do I need a visa?

information comming soon

Tunisia post-revolution: Democracy and safety  

With a new progressive constitution and a full parliament elected, Tunisia is being hailed as an example of democratic change for a region still struggling with the aftermath of the 2011 Arab spring revolts. The country avoided the bitter post-revolt divisions troubling neighboring countries.
Despite the challenges faced, the 2014 parliamentary and presidential elections were a landmark in the history of Tunisia and a step in the right direction as the country embarks on its journey toward democratization.

Discover another Tunisia. A safe and secure Arabic country that passed the frenzy of the summer unfolds in a calmer day, more authentic. It takes advantage of the blue skies and warm temperatures; we appreciate the sun-drenched landscapes and the glistening sea.